De-Cluttering your home before you start to clean is always a good ideas

1301543_boxFirstly you should start by gathering anything that is broken chipped or you know you wont use it again and either bin it or give to a charity shop. So lets look at what strategies we can use to get you started.

You will need 4 big boxes you can pick these up at your local shops. Mark them bin, charity, sell and keep

Pick your first room and have a look on the floor, book shelves and all surface areas. Be tough with yourself if you don’t use it,, loose it… If you have the time you can also look inside drawers and cupboard and get all those old handbags old gifts set you have never even opened out into your sell box.

Once you have filled up your boxes bin the rubbish and take your charity box to the charity shop and put your keep box in the loft with your sell box. Once you have finished cleaning you can go into your sell box and either have a car boot sale or there are lots of online website were you can sell your old belongings now, just take a pic and upload either give an asking prie or ask them to make you an offer.

Now your room is clutter free its time to roll up those sleeves and get down to the dirty work