Do you hang your wet washing up in your home?

In a recent study they have found the drying your laundry at home can be a health risk to those who 428181_blue_pinssuffer from asthma, hay fever and many other kinds of allergies.

A recent study carried out by Mackintosh School of Architecture has discovered that many homes have to much moisture within them up to a third of the moisture is thought to come from drying laundry in your house. A Staggering 87% of people dry there washing in and around their home.

Researcher Rosalie Menon said she is going into homes and people are drying washing in living rooms, kitchens and that some were literally decorating the house with their washing. She went on to say that most people don’t realise that one load of wet washing would emit two litres of water.     75% of the homes Rosalie went into had high enough levels that could lead to dust mite growth. She also discovered that the biggest majority of homes had a lack of suitable drying areas. The hope is that in new homes being built they will have a dedicated drying area these spaces should be heated and ventilated much like the old airing cupboards we used to have.