How to take care of your mattress:

626082_bedroomTrying to get a good night sleep isn’t always easy with the long hours we work, bringing up our family and the every day stress we all have to deal with. So we should all make sure our bed is a comfy clean welcoming place for us to lay our weary head.


  1. Lets start of by taking about Dust Mites a typical mattress contains tens of thousands of dust mites, scary thought isn’t it… Asthma and allergy suffers can have there symptoms worsened by the presence of dust mites so if you have small children that suffer these tips can really help. Start by stripping your bed down to the bare matters. Set your hoover on high and hoover your mattress from top 2 bottom then move on to your pillow and give them a good hoover too.
  2. Most of us are aware that we should regularly rotate our mattress but we don’t… Let me remind you why we should, every 3 months we should flip or rotate the matters so we can distribute the wear this increasing the life and comfort of your matters.
  3. I know it might seem like a lot but we really should change our bedding every week. Give all your sheets a good wash the hotter the wash the better you will kill the dust mites if you wash on a 60c wash.
  4. Now we have a lovely fresh dust mite free bed lets try and make it a little more comfy. This is a little trick I use on my own bed for that extra feeling of comfort. I take an extra duvet and cover my mattress, then I put a padded protective sheet over the duvet then I make my bed as normal. Just try it you wont be disappointed it just brings an instant feeling of luxury.