Lets get those golf clubs, balls & grips cleaned

910348_do_you_see_meEffortless Cleaning Edinburgh have some cleaning tips for your Golf Club Grips, Golf balls, as well as a video from a PGA Professional showing a simple way to keep your clubs in tip top condition.

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Cleaning Golf Grips

Fill up your sink or washbasin with warm water and put some hand soap in while it is filling up to make soapsuds. The hand soap will help remove oils left behind from your hands and any remaining dirt and grime should just come away 2. Take your 1st cloth and scoop up some bubble and dab them on to the grips on your golf clubs slowly and gently rub the soap suds into your grip until they look nice and clean you can even use an old tooth brush to help remove the grease and grim. Take your second cloth and buff dry…

Cleaning Golf Clubs Video

Clean golf clubs by using water and a brush to remove the dirt and clean out the grooves. Learn to clean golf clubs with tips from a PGA Professional in this free video on golf.

Cleaning Golf Balls

Clean golf balls not only look better, are easier to spot on the green or rough but they also allow a clean strike of the ball. The following steps will ensure you can keep your golf balls clean at home.

  • Remove any mud or dirt from the golf balls. (wipe with cloth or rinse with hose)
  • Fill a container (or sink) with HOT soapy water
  • Add some washing powder (about the same amount as a normal wash load)
  • Leave the balls to soak for 2-3 hours
  • Remove balls and rinse until all soap is removed.
  • Wipe & Dry the balls.


  • Use an old toothbrush to scrub the golf balls if they still look a little grubby.