Tips for Spring cleaning your bathroom

edinburgh_bathroomYour bathroom should be a sanctuary somewhere you can go to relax and soak away all your troubles with soft music and scented candles with big fluffy towels, not just somewhere to get clean. But when your bathroom is dirty and grubby you cant relax and drift away in a sea of bubbles.. No one like’s to clean a dirty bathroom that’s why you should give it a good clean at least once a week and regular upkeep in-between.

  • Lets start with cleaning the bathtub and hand basin
  • First of all remove any bottles / soap/ toothbrushes etc.  From around the bath and hand basin area. Then spray around the bath and hand basin with a good quality bathroom cleaner and leave it to soak in for 5 mins before cleaning with a sponge and take an old toothbrush and gently brush around your tap once clean rinse with warm water.
  • Cleaning your shower doors use a little drop of washing up liquid and rub into a good lather once you have covered all the glass rinse with warm water.
  • Taps take some kitchen roll and buff your taps dry for a lovely sparkling finish.
  • Now we must move on to the toilet the least favourite job. Start by taken your bathroom cleaner and spray the toilet bowel inside and out and the rim of the toilet too also spray the seat and the lid. Take your old tooth brush and use the to clean any hard to reach places on the seat and the lid, take your sponge and wipe around the outside of the bowl moving up to the rim. Take your toilet brush and scrub the inside of the toilet remember to scrub around the inside rim. Flush the toilet then finish of by putting some bleach down the toilet and flush again in 20 mins for a sparkling clean toilet
  • Moving on to your floor if you have a carpet you should give it a really good hoover making sure you get into all the corners and if you can you should get the carpet cleaned. If you have a hardwood floor brush with a soft brush spray with floor cleaner and the mop the floor and then rinse one clean


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