9 Surprising household cleaners

cleaning BucketWell there a job to do and it seems up to you to do it,but what if you didn’t have to go and buy those expensive brands. Here’s a list of tools you will find in the most unexpected of places

1.Tomato sauce
This usually has a bad name for causing stains,but it can remove tarnish and other stains on pots and pans.

2.White Bread
White bread sticks to things which is perfect when you need clean dirt in awkward laces,it can also clean up shattered glass.

3.Coffee Grounds
Again it  has a reputation for leaving stains but it can also absorb odour.Use them in the bottom of a bin bag.You can also put a bowl of them in the fridge to get rid of odours.

4.White Rice
Can be used to clean the inside of bottles.Fill the bottle1/2 to 3/4 of the way full of warm water not hot.Cover the top of the bottle and shake vigorousley for a few minutes,repeat as required.

Like coffee has a reputation for tannin stains on most things it comes in contact with.But it can used to clean the floors and add shine.Test on a small area first and do not use on laminate wood floors.To mop your hard wood floor with teab boil a pot of water and add 5-6 teabags,turn off the heat and let  sit for about ten minutes,out the tea in your bucket add a little cool water if needed.You do not want a soaking mop mop floor as you normally would and leave to dry.

6.Soft Drinks
The mild acid in sugary drinks is perfect for removing tarnish and rust stains.Also dipping brass items in brown soft drink can return their shine.
No toilet cleaner ,grab a sugary drink from the fridge.Pour a bottle or can around the rim so it covers the entire bowl,let it sit for about an hour for stubborn stains scrub the toilet before flushing. You can also use soda water.

7.Hydrogen Peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide can be a very useful cleaning product around the home.Add 2 teaspoons of 3 percent Hydrogen peroxide to the dishwasher dispenser before starting  a load of dishes.Add you normal detergent and run a normal cycle,dishes will be disinfected and sparkly.

8.Corn Starch
Sprinkle corn starch onto a carpet,allow it to sit for 10-20 minutes before vacuuming.This can work as an all-over treatment or be used to treat specific spots on your carpet,it’s also good for drawing out oily spots on the carpet.Put stuffed animals in a plastic bag sprinkle the corn starch into the bag shake the bag and let it sit for 5 minutes before shaking,Brush the stuffed animal to remove the corn starch.

9.Rubbing Alcohol
Clean mirrors  = Apply some rubbing alcohol to a paper towel and wipe over toothpaste spills makeup splatters and hairspray residue to have a shiny mirror.
Disinfect  a phone = Is your phone dirty try cleaning it with rubbing alcohol to make it fresh and clean again.